Friday, February 24, 2006

me and robert on the case

i love unsolved mysteries. i watch it every chance i can, which is pretty often because it's on twice a day, five days a week on lifetime. me and robert stack have an understanding: he gives me scary people to look for on the street and i look at people on the street and make sure that they aren't the people that are going around creating mysteries yet to be solved. sometimes it's kind of hard to do because most of the shows are from 1988-1996, and then you have to factor in the aging process or changing hair and clothing styles. sometimes i see a dude with a mustache walking hurriedly and sketchily through williamsburg and i try to imagine him with a mullet, muttonchops, or big aviator sunglasses. a couple times i've come close to calling the unsolved mysteries tipline, but i don't think it would be fair to ruin some sad sketchy dude's life based on a ten year old episode of unsolved mysteries. well that and the fact that the tipline doesn't exist anymore. come to think of it, robert stack doesn't exist anymore. but i still do love unsolved mysteries, especially the UPDATES and weird southern family reunions. i don't like the alien abduction episodes though, those are just bullshit.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

we be crazy

i love this picture. it perfectly demonstrates us. at direct drive. drunk. oh joy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ode to macaroni and cheese

dearest love,
how can i ignore the way you
spiral and elbow your way into my heart,
your crumbling exterior falling away
to reveal your soft sweetness.
i adore you in all your many forms,
for your amiable ways,
for taking my gray days
and filling them with your golden goodness
and for never asking questions when i demand your comfort
even when i am too selfish to even ask you
how your day has been.
i'm a taker
you're a giver
and finally i have found the perfect symbiotic relationship.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


oh and happy valentine's day from me and little mega!!!!!

and's been said that i remind certain people of sam in garden state. i think it's because i, too, should be wearing a helmet most of the time.

birthdays and blizzards

it's good to take a break sometimes. when you have an extreme personality (i prefer the word "extreme" to "crazy", OK???), it sometimes becomes necessary to take some time off from the outside world and just lay down for a while. in my case "a while" means 5-6 weeks. i decided to zone out and watch an abnormally large amount of television and listen to music and hang out with my dog while i waited for the craziest semester of my life to begin.

so here we are. and along with a solid 30 credits and the seemingly unattainable goal of being 200,000,000 times better at music by the end of the semester than i am right now, i have also made an attempt to rejoin the world of the living. i guess realizing that after this year i won't have the opportunity to sit in a classroom with world-renowned jazz musicians and sponge off of their talent has made me...well...scared shitless. therefore, i'm transcribing my ass off, arranging tunes for my recital, and basically going music crazy. it's taken three years, but how nice to know that now, in my final semester, i'm finally taking advantage of my fancy learnin'. i started planning my senior recital, which promises to be the biggest most unbelievable event of the year, due mostly to the fact that it has taken me 8 fucking years to get my bachelor's degree and i'm ready to celebrate the fact that i'm moving out of my parents' house.

in addition to the dusting off of my cerebellum, i have also dusted off my dancing shoes and actually made it back to the city for the first time since new year's. it's good to go away for a while because then people actually get a chance to miss you and are happy to see you when you get back. and i, of course, love to make a dramatic entrance. thanks to michelle for having a birthday, because it was a night filled with cake, electro, and love all around. and i have an announcement to make: after 10 years of being a professional debaucherer, i have finally learned the true meaning of the word MODERATION!!!!!! yes, yes, i know, congratulations are due. it's been a long hard road, but i think i can see less blackouts in my future. i'm by no means saying that i'm not going to blackout occasionally, but i think i'll try and space them out a little more. baby steps, people.

so in addition to a fabulous night at fat baby, my weekend also included shooting a video for datcyde's cd/dvd (which will include three songs i'm featured on) and a goddamned blizzard. if you didn't know, the northeast corner of the good ol' U. S. of A. was hit so hard by two and a half feet of snow that dave had to spend about a half hour digging out my car and the inhabitants of 246 driggs decided to spend 36 hours doing what all brilliant-minded new yorkers should do in a blizzard: eating, smoking weed, drinking beer, watching the olympics, and bidding on ebay auctions. it's the simple things in life, you know.