Tuesday, November 22, 2005

success is bittersweet

mercury is in retrograde and it seems that lately a lot of people have been having communication issues and misunderstandings. it sucks to feel wronged but it sucks even more to feel in the wrong...especially when there's no real question of who's big mouth or insensitive comments resulted in the issue to begin with. in the end it's just better to remember that these insignificant tiffs won't mean anything in another few months, or years, or decades...eventually all the wrongs on both sides will be forgotten and hopefully forgiven. hopefully.

however, when these things do happen, it's good to have other more important things to focus on. like the fact that i, the most unreliable disorganized schmuck on the planet, managed somehow to raise $1887 for my school last night with my benefit concert. don't ask me how, but for some reason it happened and i'm just going to trust the universe that it's not a mistake.

happy turkey day everyone. i'd especially like to extend a big "happy holidays!" to my family who are all in france without me this week. hope you have a fucking fantastic time without me. no really. fucking fantastic.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

music will slowly kill me

i'm overwhelmed with benefit concerts, demos, competitions, music festival applications, press kits, and photo shoots.

here's some new stuff i've done. i have another recording session on december 8th and my website will be up and running soon.



i feel a meltdown on the horizon.

Friday, November 04, 2005

the state of things

i went to see wynton marsalis play last night at a katrina benefit. it's amazing how a hundreds of people who pay absolutely no attention to jazz music 99% of the time will turn out in full force for the "ambassador of jazz". i think they think it's like cool or something? i don't know. watching the classical majors lined up against the back wall shaking their little asses and snapping their fingers and yelling out for reasons unknown to themselves ("that 'riff' was so awesome!") was both amusing and nauseating. they think that we're inferior musicians all day long at school, calling us "jazzers" and haughtily sneering at our supposed inability to read music (completely untrue). well thanks, wynton, you holier than thou assface, for making me share space with lame bitches like that. you're a genius on the trumpet, but for those of us who play all day every day without a million dollar recording contract just because we love to, your fame is just a tad bit frustrating. i supposed i should be thanking you for bringing the music we love to the masses, but i find it a little difficult to be charitable. sorry.