Monday, March 20, 2006

austin in a nutshell

four days is too short for a proper vacation. here's a few highlights: ISLANDS is my new absolutely favorite band, barbecue and mexican food are SO much better in texas than anywhere else, my brother is adorable, having an orange car is awesome because you never lose it in a big parking lot, lonestar beer is the best $2 beer i've had in a long time, and indie rockers look funny.

that just about sums it up. here's some visuals.

Monday, March 13, 2006

off on the left foot

it's thundering and lightning right now. my favorite kind of weather and we haven't had a really good thunderstorm in months. after this past week of nonsense and bad luck, a good thunderstorm might be just what i need to send me off to texas tomorrow, maybe just what everyone needs to cleanse their brown shitty auras and start the spring off on the right foot. i don't know what happened to the universe last week, but all i know is that most people i know had a crapfest of bad luck and bad experiences, ranging from getting fired to having things stolen to the unfortunate breaking of front teeth, not to mention having the photo of said broken teeth spread around the interweb in a matter of minutes. last week was a culmination of all the bad things we've done coming back to bite us in the ass. last week was the proverbial "shit hitting the fan". and last week made a lot of people cry, so i'm very glad it's over because it's not fun to watch people turn into their five-year-old selves, heads flung back, mouths wide open, drool and tears and snot becoming one nasty gelatinous mixture. i like it when people are happy...funny how watching someone laugh that hard with their head flung back, mouth wide open, and the brutal look of a person desperately attempting to hold in their bodily fluids is so much more attractive.

i do have to say that if someone is going to steal my shit, then being bold enough to go into my car in my driveway directly in front of my house in the middle of the night is pretty damn brazen. i almost admire the fucking bastard that did it. but i'd still kick him in the balls if i saw him on the street, i mean fair is fair.

Friday, March 10, 2006

who would've thought?

i thought only old people or out of shape people got acid reflux disease, but apparently so do alcohol-guzzling jazz-singing little maniacs like me. so now that i finally got to go in to see the otolaryngologist and have a scope done, it has been revealed that not only do i have a very severe case of acid reflux that has dulled my esophogal nerves, i also have a cyst on my left vocal chord and severe swelling that is making it very difficult to get any good sound out of my throat. at least i know that i'm not crazy, which the nurse practitioner implied a few times while handing me a bottle of nasonex. i am now officially on voice rest until the summer, although i can do my recital if i don't go nuts belting while rehearsing, and i have to see a speech pathologist to make sure i'm using my voice in a way that works with my old person disease. basically i'm shit out of luck. isn't that always the way. *cry*