Sunday, April 24, 2005

fantastic weekend!

there's not much to say about how amazing this weekend was, except to say how great a 24 hour migraine feels, especially when being woken up periodically by really drunk boys. but the true icing on the cake is being hit from behind on the hutchinson parkway by a mercedes, who was hit by a mitsubishi, who was hit by a lincoln towncar. the result: a ten car pileup. the culprit: a minor fender-bender in the fast lane which involved two cars that decided, like geniuses, to stop in the middle of the highway and inspect the "damage". skip to five minutes later: two cars stop suddenly, i stop suddenly, and i'm rearended by the three cars behind me. so now i have a subaru forester with 98,000 miles and the cost to repair the body damage is more than the car is actually worth. YESSSSSSS!!! shit. let's not talk about my recital, which i'm more anxious for than anything ever in my life, a psychology test on wednesday, an ensemble concert wednesday night, an ethics paper due friday....did i mention i'm moving in three weeks?

life sucks. and then you die.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

snippets of my current situation

the sockets in my head ache. i had a dream last night that i was having sex with nicole richie. there was a lot of cocaine involved, it was very strange. i am eating lentil soup. i wrote a five page ethics paper in approximately one hour. my recital is in two and a half weeks and i haven't started rehearsals yet. it is 86 degrees outside. my brother and i are going out to lunch on friday. i think i will take a nap now.

Friday, April 15, 2005

holes in my face

i have holes in my face. earholes, eyesockets, nostrils, some earring holes, two nosering holes...and a big fat mouth. in that mouth there are some teeth. today i had to bid adieu to four of those little nuggets of nerves and bone. tata, wizzies. farewell, old friends. my face looks like this:

for a while i looked like don corleone from the godfather because i had so much gauze in my mouth. it is bloody. i have been drooling. i feel so sexy.

my dad and my boyfriend are in the car together as we speak, spending a full 45 minutes alone on the way back from new haven. holy moly, i hope their combined stoicism doesn't turn them both to stone before they make it back.

this weekend = + +


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

weekend of sin

so friday i had a shitty evening that luckily gave way to a somewhat entertaining night. first night out in new york without the boy in almost 8 months...what a strange revelation. i hate pathmark on northern boulevard. and when i say HATE i mean ABHOR WITH ALL OF MY BEING. it is akin to the seventh circle of hell. rows and rows of nasty food filled with so many preservatives that they will probably still be sitting on those shelves in 25 years, rotting fruits, and lots of miserable obese people. awesome.

too a trip to newark to pick up a friend of a friend at the airport. without the treats i was inhaling the entire ride there and back, i might have killed myself. thank god there was no traffic at the holland tunnel or a certain adorable young lass who was too lazy to get her ass down to the lower east side to meet me might have been thrown out of the car before we even made it to anatomy. anatomy was a drunken mess, as usual, which then became a group mission to the fish. i hate the fish. i hate the fish so much that it makes me ball up my fists and dig my fingernails into my palms while breathing deeply and counting to 10. maybe 20. however, i never fail to make it there when invited. whyyyyyyy...what is your hold on me, oh shithole that is max fish?????

saturday was great...lounging with erick until finally forced to get out of my pj's and into the shower and out to direct drive, after which was BBS: THE MOVIE. otherwise known as kaboom's bday. what a retarded/fun/bizarre night.

Friday, April 08, 2005

40 hail mary's

i stayed out too late last night and missed my first two classes for the third time this week. i made someone i love very disappointed in me. i have been badly behaved and i will get myself back on track this weekend. i'm sorry.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


here i am sitting on the steps outside the library on my college campus. it's ridiculously nice out today, kind of an affirmation that winter does eventually end. there are 18 and 19-year olds running around in the grass like maniacs, like i'm sure there are on every college campus in the northeast today. funny to be surrounded by kids like this after living in new york for so long...they have no idea what's in store for them once they stop living in dorms and eating dining hall food. how cute. i'm listening to suv and patife and bopping my head with my shoes off...i'm sure all these long island and new jersey natives think i'm a weirdo. the tattoos and fake leg don't help much, i'm sure. i miss being in new york, where i'm pretty middle of the road when it comes to weirdness.

this morning i sang on the college radio station with a couple other kids from my program. it was a great performance, made better by the fact that people could listen and see it live on the web. technology is quite fun sometimes. music is going so well for me's a little scary. i keep thinking i'll wake up and have no voice or something horrible will happen and i'll never get to sing again. constant anxiety.

at least it's spring.

Monday, April 04, 2005

crazy weekend

my parents went out of town. every time my parents go out of town, i get a rush of high school-style adrenaline and invited everyone i know to come party at the lake. as long as no one feeds my animals beer or drugs, it usually means a good time. thursday night i had a few people over after raiding the spigot and ended up a little drunker than i expected. i ended up missing my early morning class and then my next one was cancelled, so i slept most of the day until i had to go pick up my love from the train station. after such an annoying waste of a day, it was great to see him and know that i got to have him around until monday morning. we got home and he cooked me an amazing meal of salmon and risotto. we picked up some treats and hung out at the house with a few people until another raid to the spigot was in then davey was a little wasted and was doing his fun excercise in harassing people in hartford to their faces while pretending to be more drunk than he really is. great game. back at the house the night carried on until around 3 or 4 while everyone drank beer, sampled my dad's scotch, and ate leftover pizza. good times.

the next two days basically involved me and dave in a love puddle. i miss him when he's not here. boo to long distance relationships.

so it's monday, i made it to my first class, skipped the second to take a nap, and made it to my third where i got to listen to mediocre musicians transcribe solos for an hour or so. fantastic!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

day one

i am jumping on the bandwagon. let's see how it goes.