Friday, April 15, 2005

holes in my face

i have holes in my face. earholes, eyesockets, nostrils, some earring holes, two nosering holes...and a big fat mouth. in that mouth there are some teeth. today i had to bid adieu to four of those little nuggets of nerves and bone. tata, wizzies. farewell, old friends. my face looks like this:

for a while i looked like don corleone from the godfather because i had so much gauze in my mouth. it is bloody. i have been drooling. i feel so sexy.

my dad and my boyfriend are in the car together as we speak, spending a full 45 minutes alone on the way back from new haven. holy moly, i hope their combined stoicism doesn't turn them both to stone before they make it back.

this weekend = + +


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