Monday, April 11, 2005

weekend of sin

so friday i had a shitty evening that luckily gave way to a somewhat entertaining night. first night out in new york without the boy in almost 8 months...what a strange revelation. i hate pathmark on northern boulevard. and when i say HATE i mean ABHOR WITH ALL OF MY BEING. it is akin to the seventh circle of hell. rows and rows of nasty food filled with so many preservatives that they will probably still be sitting on those shelves in 25 years, rotting fruits, and lots of miserable obese people. awesome.

too a trip to newark to pick up a friend of a friend at the airport. without the treats i was inhaling the entire ride there and back, i might have killed myself. thank god there was no traffic at the holland tunnel or a certain adorable young lass who was too lazy to get her ass down to the lower east side to meet me might have been thrown out of the car before we even made it to anatomy. anatomy was a drunken mess, as usual, which then became a group mission to the fish. i hate the fish. i hate the fish so much that it makes me ball up my fists and dig my fingernails into my palms while breathing deeply and counting to 10. maybe 20. however, i never fail to make it there when invited. whyyyyyyy...what is your hold on me, oh shithole that is max fish?????

saturday was great...lounging with erick until finally forced to get out of my pj's and into the shower and out to direct drive, after which was BBS: THE MOVIE. otherwise known as kaboom's bday. what a retarded/fun/bizarre night.

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