Monday, April 04, 2005

crazy weekend

my parents went out of town. every time my parents go out of town, i get a rush of high school-style adrenaline and invited everyone i know to come party at the lake. as long as no one feeds my animals beer or drugs, it usually means a good time. thursday night i had a few people over after raiding the spigot and ended up a little drunker than i expected. i ended up missing my early morning class and then my next one was cancelled, so i slept most of the day until i had to go pick up my love from the train station. after such an annoying waste of a day, it was great to see him and know that i got to have him around until monday morning. we got home and he cooked me an amazing meal of salmon and risotto. we picked up some treats and hung out at the house with a few people until another raid to the spigot was in then davey was a little wasted and was doing his fun excercise in harassing people in hartford to their faces while pretending to be more drunk than he really is. great game. back at the house the night carried on until around 3 or 4 while everyone drank beer, sampled my dad's scotch, and ate leftover pizza. good times.

the next two days basically involved me and dave in a love puddle. i miss him when he's not here. boo to long distance relationships.

so it's monday, i made it to my first class, skipped the second to take a nap, and made it to my third where i got to listen to mediocre musicians transcribe solos for an hour or so. fantastic!

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