Thursday, May 25, 2006

moving on and on and on

so here is the link to some of my senior recital recordings:

considering how weird and dramatic and traumatic the whole situation was, i think the recording turned out pretty damn awesome. so there you go, me in the absolute raw. that's me singing while i'm happy and devastated and anxious and elated all at the same time. do with it what you will.

i graduated. after 8 years. granted i took a ton of time off, but starting college in 1998 and finishing in 2006 makes you feel something special, regardless of the circumstances. thanks steve and nat and of course jackie. i'll do my best to make you proud.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

about it all

about my tattoos? i guess i never thought about it. my body was never going to look perfect, obviously. i think that i started thinking that since a whole quarter of my body was going to look different, why not cover the rest of it with art. i don't put random stupid tattoos on my body, i put paintings that i like on my skin. and it works for me. so for me it's a whole picture, my tattoos, my body, my leg. it's all one picture/package. i think that if people don't know about my leg they freak out alot more about my tattoos. once people see my leg they seem to see the whole picture and somehow appreciate the whole picture. even if they are 60 years old, which is totally weird but i guess makes sense.

i guess my whole deal is getting people to like my body, titanium legs and tattoos and all. i can't say i don't go through the day worrying that i'm a freak or that people won't like me or that i'll never get acceptance. all i can do is pretend that it's sexy in some way and that it doesn't matter and hope people out there share that view. because otherwise i'm doomed to a life of freakery and low self-esteem and that's just not an option.