Monday, October 03, 2005

fighting in circles

i hate fighting with people i love. i hate the struggle of knowing how i feel and trying to be the kind of person who sees another point of view and think it's just as valid as mine. because in reality nobody ever thinks anyone else's point of view is as valid as their own, especially when they are in the middle of an argument. i hate not knowing where the line is between making sense and sounding like a maniacal fool. i hate going around in circles and hearing a point made two hours after the beginning of the fight that was made in the first two seconds of the fight but somehow means something completely different and no longer makes sense. i hate being afraid i'm going to cross the line and really hurt one of the people i love most in the whole world but part of me keeps pushing and pushing just to finally get to that point. i hate feeling like i'm a mean, awful, ugly ogre but at the same time feeling like i'm being horribly, terribly wronged.

i hate fighting with people i love.

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