Monday, September 05, 2005

summer's over please kill me

i'm sad. we're grilling on labor day weekend and that means that summer is over and it's time to whip out the sweaters and jackets which actually now that i think about it is kind of refreshing. i always feel sorry for the winter clothes tucked away in the back of the closet waiting with baited breath for the temperature to hit a solid 50 degrees so they can strut their stuff once again. i spend too much money on clothes so i might as well wear them and get excited about them or else really what is the point? plus there's a certain sample sale coming up at a certain outwerwear company where a certain lad i am quite fond of works and i will get some more jackets, so maybe end of summer isn't too too bad.

classes are going well. so far. i'm having a little scuffle with my creative writing teacher because i was extremely dumb (some might even say tardastic!) and missed a class by accident before getting him to sign an override form (whatever the hell that is supposed to be) so i'm going to go in on tuesday and beg him to let me in since i'm a senior and i need to graduate and pleeeeease don't ruin my life you pathetic little man. he's a young guy named eric who lives in northampton massachussetts and apparently writes some sort of poetry/prose hybrid that i've heard isn't very good. therefore i intend to beat him down with my charm and if that doesn't work then i'll use tears. a tried and true method.

talapia for dinner. i made guacamole for a snack. poker at jesse's is fun fun fun and also i've only had white wine to drink for a month now. it makes me feel like i'm on a sobriety kick (when in fact i'm still drinking) and i like it.

canoe's going back in the garage and i'm putting my flipflops away. bugger.


Anonymous said...

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ema said...

yeah thanks, that is really helpful. you know a great way to get people to buy your product is to insult them by telling them they are fat. women love that. and by the way nice grammar douchebag.

kimba said...

When summer ends here I immediately think of winter too. funny how that works.. we still have this thing called autumn but the east coast has made me only think spring as the slippery slope to the heat and humidity of summer, and fall as the slippery slope to the freezing cold of winter.