Monday, August 29, 2005

gig time

i have a show coming up and everyone who claims to be a friend should come.

thursday september 15th 7:30 pm the cutting room on west 24th st. and bway new york city

$15, $10 with student i.d.

i'm playing with my professor, steve davis, and therefore i'm only doing 4 tunes or so. but it's still fun and good publicity and also mr. big from sex in the city owns the venue so perhaps you could have a celebrity sighting while you're there. hopefully he won't be wearing slippers.


kimba said...

oh shit!

lemme borrow your student id :D

Katy said...

Being a 24 year old college student actually does come in handy sometimes!

Fuckin' sweet.

ema said...

ok kim you can borrow mine and we can pray the door person is too dumb to notice that the same person playing is also attempting to get a discount at the door.