Monday, August 01, 2005

lovely moments

this weekend was a blast. calm, undramatic, exactly how i wanted it to be. it's funny how combinations of people create certain atmospheres and dynamics, how one off vibe can make everything just a little different, a little strained or frustrating. when i have people come to my house in connecticut, it's like i'm extending something personal about myself to them. it's kind of a big deal to me, having friends that i know mostly on a fairly superficial level up in my parents' house. i suppose it doesn't seem like a monumental thing to most people, but i kind of savor it as an invitation to my real life. i'm so glad i have friends who are respectful and know what simple things like this mean to me.

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kimba said...

lol yay!

thank you so much for inviting us again and letting us stay there. It's such a welcome break from the city and I love love love your animals :)