Monday, August 22, 2005


you wouldn't realize it but getting a new leg is an extremely exciting process! i need to find a fabric to cover my new limb with since the lovely elephant pole of doom is on it's last legs. haaaaaaaaaa i crack myself up. i could never get rid of an old leg it's like a dear friend i guess getting me up and down stairs and lasting through however many ps1's and direct drives and nature walks and late late late nights. so when they die they usually sit in a closet or sometimes maybe on display for a while on a dresser. i don't want to imagine the poor thing on it's way to the dump where the broken cars broken computers ugly worn out bits of plastic and metal go to be crushed together and buried in a landfill. i could send them to a charity so that minefield victims could get the benefit of a new leg like i've had the opportunity of having but really worn out ones wouldn't benefit anyone anyway so mostly i keep them. then i get new ones to replace the old ones and i get to pick out ankles and toes and whether i want it to have skin or just be an imtimidating titanium pole that i can occasionally take off and threaten jackasses with when they act up. this time around i'm going for weaponry which means getting a fabric to have superimposed on the top part of the plastic and i want flowers maybe a japanese kimono fabric so that all the artwork on my body matches. that is a very important factor. kabooms and shaunas are good resources for such things and that is why i have good friends who can help me pick leg tattoos that match the rest of my tattoos and not think i'm a freak. at least not for that reason.

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