Monday, August 08, 2005


woke up, did my chosen routine: walk down the beach with a mug of coffee and some omni trio on my ipod. i've been waking up around 7 am, which is 1 pm new york time...don't know how well the transition will be when i'm home, but i'm trying not to think about it.

we are staying in a part of oahu which is not exactly, um how should i put it, full of tourists. basically, it's the native part of the island which i think is pretty fucking awesome. there's a liquor store down the road which looks like a bodega and is always filled with shirtless hawaiians laughing and drinking and i feel like home. i like it even more today because we ventured into the city of honolulu and down to waikiki beach, and let me tell you i have never seen so many fucking japanese people in my life. i mean seriously, there is a whole MALL that is all in japanese and is duty free and they don't know how to walk properly down the street but i'm not a racist or anything so i'll just say that it's very um interesting. honolulu is like any other touristy city: really high end stores on every corner (i counted four coach stores in 6 blocks), a planet hollywood, and hotels everywhere. way way way too many people on the beach. i did buy a shitload of hawaiian trinkets which basically means a bunch of your standard tropical crapola, but i was happy to get kakua necklaces (which have been seen around the necks of our favorite cokehead anorexic celebrity sluts nicole ritchie and lindsay lohan) for so cheap it was highway robbery.

i got a sunburn on my knee. AND i went swimming in the ocean for the first time in years and years because i love swimming but it's hard to hop on one leg out of the ocean when the waves keep pulling you back and back. my dad stood on the beach with a towel and my leg and cheered and that is one of many reasons why he is superdad.
also because he paid for me to come to hawaii with a family i hadn't seen in almost two years which was very nice of him to do and i think most people would agree.

my brothers are grownups now and i've only cried like 3 times so far since i've been here and too be fair, i did drink white wine one of those times. so it's all good brah. it's all good good good.

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