Thursday, August 18, 2005


productivity comes at a cost apparently. i ran around all day yesterday doing things like register for classes and buy orchid food for my plants and take my film to be developed and on and on and on. someone needed me to fedex them a package overnight because they forgot to pack a dress shirt for a fancy work dinner (you shall remain nameless since i know you're embarassed enough already for being disorganized oh lover of mine oops) and on the way to the package dropoff i rolled over a curb and got a flat tire. totally flat and separated from the rim which is bad i think. i had it towed to the sears auto center and....drumroll please...

$four hundred and thirty five

i have to get all my tires replaced. what is it with me and cars. haven't i suffered enough? i have taken hits for every damn asshole who goes around saying "i've never been in an accident...i've never even gotten a speeding ticket!" i hate those people.

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