Wednesday, August 10, 2005

one more day

well i was a dumbass and didn't bring my camera to the north shore today and yesterday i brought my camera to kailua but i didn't have any battery juice left. so i'm a big fat loser i guess.

mostly it's beach and more beach and white sands and blue sea and beautiful green mountains. this island is very small.

kailua is where the rich white people buy their beachfront homes and it was where i said "yes! yes! this is where i will buy my beachfront home!". (mind you i am very filled with delusions but it's fun to fantasize when i'm bored about things like beachfront homes in oahu.) there is a deli/general store filled with canadian hippies and i realized i am just your average prejudiced prick because i liked being surrounded by people just like me. what a superficial farce i have turned out to be.

the north shore is where all the surfing is, dude! it was gorgeous and i saw big sea turtles swimming around and i even swam in the water and nobody stared at my little baby leg or anything which was fantastic! my little brothers helped me in and out of the water. i bought a waterproof camera at a store and took tons of pictures under water because i've never had a waterproof camera before. that is almost more fun than a digital because now i have a whole roll of film to develop and i have no clue how it will turn out...STAY TUNED FOR SCANNED PHOTOS OF ME UNDERWATER!

we're leaving tomorrow night. cry.

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