Monday, July 25, 2005


i've been in a rut. granted i'm in and out of ruts constantly, but creatively i've been as dry as the sahara for the past few months. what a bummer...luckily i got to see an amazing show that totally piqued my interest in music again and got my juices flowing. it's funny how, as an artist, sometimes all i need is one little nudge in the right direction and everything seems to make more sense. esthero started off her musical career doing triphop vocals, and i loved her first album "breath from another". when i listened to some examples of her new style, her first album after a 7 year hiatus, i was not impressed with this new pop princess esthero. what happened to the edgy electronica-laden music that i fell in love with in college? well, that girl definitely impressed me and made me realize what is going on in her head. she danced around like a maniac and her band (including three horns, guitar, keys, drums, and two back-up vocalists) was right up my alley. there was a lot of new orleans-jazz inspired arrangements and the pop stuff was made more interesting with rich harmonies and horn solos. sometimes all it takes is some music that seems to be made from the same ingredients as the music in your head to make you realize what direction you need to go in.

i'm seeing her again on wednesday night at pearl street in northampton. alone. ok, i may be a little obsessed right now, but i need to take all the musical inspiration i can get right now.

also, i'm back in ct. it's like i can exhale dog, my lake, my plants, my car, my piano, and some alone time. yessssssss.

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