Thursday, July 14, 2005

what should i do tonight? ozomatli or the roots. i like them both.

i'm watching crapfest tv, as in WE, lifetime, and TLC. it is my guilty pleasure. not my guiltiest pleasure, but pretty high up there.

my living situation is pretty much draining me of any positive energy that i once had. i could possibly kill someone before the end of the summer.

i am going to hawaii in a few weeks and i'm not excited about it, which apparently means i'm a blasphemous cuntrag.

i could subsist entirely on grape tomatos, cheese, and olives. white wine will wash it down.

i think i have found the secret to getting younger instead of older: dancing around like a lunatic, making funny faces/voices, cocaine, and sex. i've gotten carded every time i've tried to buy alcohol and about half the times i've bought cigarettes this summer and that has never really happened to me, so try my recipe and gain eternal youth!!!

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kimba said...

say, i like that recipe!