Wednesday, September 24, 2008

don't like

this is a deviation, as i'm about to write some thoughts about the present, but so it goes sometimes.

last night i went to a concert at the shittiest venue ever, webster hall, in new york. i love the kings of leon a whole bunch, but i seemed to forget that i absolutely hate being in crowds of people. especially crowds of people with drinks. especially drunk crowds of people with drinks. on top of that, i have a fake leg and the other one is broken, so being in a drunk crowd of people with drinks isn't really ideal.

all i have to say is that people really suck. more people stepped on my feet, kicked me, told me i was in their way, and spilled shit on me than ever before in my life. and did it all unapologetically. it was pretty rotten. i'm sorry, but i think i'm pretty tough when it comes to my physical situation; i rarely ask for special consideration (unless it means my friends and i don't have to stand in long lines, but who wouldn't do that once in a while?) and if anything i try to ignore the situation and act like a maniac as much as possible. but if there is one place where i feel like perhaps people should have a little courtesy, it's in a place where people are running around acting like morons. but i suppose that's the point: they're running around acting like morons. it was really appalling to see how little manners people have. if i saw a disabled person being shoved and kicked around on the verge of tears, i would try and figure out how to help. but that's just me.

so perhaps we can all take a moment to remember that we are not the only human beings on this planet and that karma is, in fact, a bitch. because next time i'm kicking you back and spilling a drink right over the top of your annoying hipster head.


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