Wednesday, May 18, 2005

bk baby

guess who's back in the hood...brooklyn must have missed me terribly. it's strange having a place to stay here, considering i've spent most weekends here for the past 9 months. now i have a room and a kitchen and bathroom and somewhere to take a nap if i need to.

no job, but that will hopefully change.

thank god for friends like andrew...the kid met me at target and carried a plastic set of drawers the size of my torso and a huge comforter all the way back to greenpoint with me. he is a freaking angel. i've been walking my ass off for the past few days and it feels really good. i thought i would have a hard time without the car, but honestly it feels really nice not to have to worry about it all the time.

monday night i christened my return to brooklyn by going out and getting tanked with my roommates and my old friend mike weinbaum, who's visiting from vietnam. the kid went over there to teach with his girlfriend (now ex) and ended up starting an import-export vespa company. he bought a house and is incorporated, after 15 months over there. fucking nuts. he's also completely insane, but i suppose that's typical of the people i know. anyway, he and sloppy and kiv and i went to the mugs for beer and burgers, then headed to the abbey, and finished off the night at the turkey's nest. fun fun times, if not fully remembered.

last night i got my favorite el salvadoran meal finally, and andrew and dave made great company. the half hour walk home was only mildly uncomfortable...gotta get used to this whole walking thing.

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